Poems about Imam Mahdi

The Imam of Time, Saheb Azzaman, Mahdi, One of a Kind


For all of us nowadays, In the 21st century

The word ‘peace’ is no more than a concept, no more than a mystery

Among the ‘ps’ that come to our mind,

Are poverty, pollution and persecution all the time

Words that indeed pierce the hearts of mankind

Words that echo in the back of our minds


In the time we live, In This globalized world

When the latest technologies and tweets fill the boards

When peoples’ lifestyles are packed in files

Of money, status, power and desires


In this time we live where fashion, fortune and fame

Is all what people gain and have no shame

Of moving us away

from what we should really maintain

When faith, commitment and Iman slowly fade

When we wish secretly deep down in our souls

That the darkness inside us would never be disclosed….


In this time of ours of ruthless crimes

happen overnight in every innocent site

And sorrows and cries are hidden beneath every plight

And warmongers keep on bragging about their might


Of all the destruction, distrust and distress

We hope that beauty will overcome this mess

We hope that one day the Imam of our time

Will appear…..


When the time arrives…

He’ll appear like a sunrise

And revive the sad shores of Of humanity

And sweep away mankind’s atrocity


It is at his time when rainfalls pour down

And the drowntrodden will be given crowns

It is with his appearance that dusk becomes dawn

It is with his advent that ‘right’ replaces ‘wrong’

It is at his time that our salawaats become strong

It is with him that our Fridays no longer become long

It his with this phrase that we will rejoice all along:

It his him, the last of the twelve Imams,

Mahdi, Qaem, Saheb azzmaan!


Yet dear brothers and sisters

The hope in hearts does not suffice

To wait for the Imam without any enterprise

Without making duas

or raising our hand up to Allah

Without lending a hand, without supporting the oppressed

Without relieving ourselves of the shadows that lie on our chest

Without helping the poor

Or an orphan that walks by your door

While we’re aware of this phrase in The Quran that reads

و نجعلهم ائمه و نجعلم الوارثین


I wonder how we expect the rise

The Imam of Our Time

Without standing for justice, without purifying within

How could we claim that we wait for the Qaem?


Day in and Day out, The Imam of our time lives by our sid

Yet we fail to recognize,

His benevolent presence, his remarkable shine


So go ahead,

Make your attempt

Do not fear

Of those who snear at you

From far and from near


If you feel alone in your pursuit of faith

Keep on digging, do not lose hope,

Know that The Imam counts on your aid

Know that he is accompanying you all the way


یا صاحب‎الزمان We plead for your lead

We beg you to free us of our greed

So the next time I pray for advent

I would hope to be among those who dwell in your tent

And I wouldn’t sit in misery and repent

For what I have done and what I should have

When I utter the words

الهم عجل لولیک الفرج


By Mrs. Maryam Sh.


به کانال صاحب الامر در تلگرام بپیوندید