The Sun behind the Clouds

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) has said:

… And, the way to benefit from me in my Disappearance (Occultation) is like the sun, when a cloud causes it to disappear from sights … . 

(Kamaal-O-Ddeen, …)


In many occasions, the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH&HP)talked about his son Mahdi (Mahdy) -being the ninth descendant of Imam Hossain (son of Ali and Fatima) PBUT-, and his Disappearance. According to the holy Prophet and his Infallible Successors(PBUT), Imam Mahdi’s Divinely Ordained lordship (walaayat) over all creations is in effect even during his Disappearance. How do people benefit from an Imam who is not seen? This was a question asked from the Prophet Muhammad and the Infallible Imams (PBUT). In response, they all used this parable that : people shall benefit from Mahdi in his Occultation, the same way they benefit from the sun when it is covered by a cloud. This profound statement can repeatedly be found in both the Shi’ah and non-Shi’ah documents such as Bihaarul-Anwaar, Ghaayat-Ol-Maraam, Kamaal-O-Ddeen, Yanaabi’-Ol-Mawaddah and … .

the sun, even behind clouds, is the source of light for all creations, if we avoid the sunlight by hiding in dark places, we have much to lose; the guiding light of Mahdi (PBUH) is shining, even through the cloud of Disappearance, if we choose to remain in the darkness of ignorance, we are to be blamed!

The heat and the rays of the sun, whether behind a cloud or not, destroy many things which harm human; the warm and fatherly love and guidance of Mahdi can eliminate the cold and worry-full spiritual life of the lost and anxious humankind, even during his Occultation.

Plants do not grow in darkness; humans do not achieve perfection and spiritual growth in darkness, too. The sun, even on cloudy days, causes plants to grow. Plants are the source of food for animals, plants and animals are the source of food for humans; Mahdi’s heavenly Knowledge feeds and quenches the thirst of hearts and souls whether in Appearance or Occultation.

The earth is kept on an orbit around the sun by the gravity of the sun, behind clouds or not! Without the sun and its gravity, the earth shall be thrown into space and there will be no life left; it has been narrated so many times that if there was no Chosen One on earth at any time, there would be no life left; today, that Chosen One is Mahdi (May Allah hasten his Appearance).

The sun shines upon every one whether they are able to see, feel and appreciate it or not; Allah’s bestowal of blessings through Mahdi are upon every one whether they choose to see, feel and appreciate them or not … .

On cloudy days, even though people benefit from the sun to some extent, but they feel sad, and miss the sun and wish for a sunny sky from the bottom of their hearts; the presence of Mahdi during his Disappearance is felt by Believers, and neglected by non-believers. With his Emergence, people will begin to see again the rainbow of thoughts, wishes, aspirations, dreams, hopes, promises and love, and finally the sun of piety, chastity, humanity, honesty, purity, equity, tranquility, prosperity, happiness, justice and … shall shine upon every one. Let us sincerely strive and pray for that wonderful day when the sun -the last Infallible son of the final Holy Prophet (PBUT)- will Appear and brighten the world … .



به کانال صاحب الامر در تلگرام بپیوندید